Pensacola Beach Testimonial

In 2014, I purchased a condo on Pensacola Beach where Jeff Marker was the listing and selling agent. I want to express three things I believe are important to any buyer or seller. First, this was the smoothest real estate transaction I have ever conducted. Jeff, as the agent, coordinated the entire event. This was the first transaction where all of the forms, filings, etc. were all done on the first attempt and on time. I have purchased 3 homes and sold 3 homes over the years and there have always been mistakes, but not this time, and I really appreciate the fact it worked like it should always work. Second, Jeff provided me with several recommendations regarding insurance and other business needs of the transaction I was expected and/or needed to make happen. For example, I shopped insurance companies including my insurance company in LA where I have had property and auto insurance for over 20 years. In the end, I bound insurance with Jeff’s recommendation and I am happy with the very cost-effective coverage and service of the insurer. Third, Jeff went way beyond the call of duty providing me with a list of restaurants, service companies, marinas, charter boats, etc. and every bit of the information was spot on and helped us get off to a great start on Pensacola Beach. Jeff does know the beach extremely well. Jeff’s list also included a checklist of items to prepare our unit when we leave to save us money, prepare for hurricanes, protect our unit and we have taken every recommendation to heart from shutting off the water and water heater to emptying the ice maker when we leave. When we return to our unit, everything is in order and we get to enjoy the weekend and our second home. It is a five hour drive for us if we have to return due to a plumbing issue or unexpected storm so the checklist/recommendations are invaluable to us. I would recommend Jeff Marker to anyone who might be looking to sell, buy, or lease real estate. Jeff is very professional and knows how to get things done properly. When I move to FL full-time, I will be looking for Jeff to help me again. In the meantime, we are able to enjoy Pensacola Beach and we were able to enjoy it from the very first weekend with help from Jeff. Many thanks to Jeff and his help.