Pace Fl Referral-Nov ’15

“My wife and I moved to Pensacola, FL in 2011. After renting at first and looking around at different areas we decided to buy our first home in the Pace, FL area. Never having to go through this before and not knowing the process we just “Googled” real estate agents and read the reviews and ratings that were associated with a few. After calling about 5 different agents we decided to use Jeff Marker because of the sense of his wanting to get down to business. From the very beginning he shot it to us straight. I never once felt like he was trying to just b.s. me and trusted in his guidance throughout our first time buying a home. We told him what we wanted and he showed us a nice variety of homes that fit our needs and in some nice neighborhoods. After looking at a few houses my wife and I went home and discussed a few. Later that night Jeff called and told us that there was a house that may be going up for sale that he thinks we’d be interested in. First thing the next morning we went to look at the house and it was what we were looking for. We were the first ones to bid on the house because of his tenacity in always keeping an eye out for his client. An even longer story – shortened – Jeff acted promptly and showed us the whole time he meant business and he wanted the same out of us. After we purchased our first home we recommended him to our neighbors in which he helped them sell their home with them leaving as satisfied customers.

4 years later my job needed me to move across the country. Jeff kept in touch throughout the years and let me know he was there for me when I needed him. When the time came I called him and got the ball rolling. He told me he was ready when I was and just say the word. When I received confirmation of my transfer I called Jeff and he came over the next day with papers ready to start the process. Within 2 months we had buyer’s signatures on our house during a slower time in the market. Jeff is a dedicated, respectful and business-savvy agent that I would recommend to anyone who needed an agent that means business and won’t jerk you around. I appreciate his business and am sure that you would appreciate making the decision to give him your business, as well.”