How To Choose A Listing REALTOR® PART II


PART 2 – (a) (Link to Part I)

What Should I Expect from a Listing Presentation?

When considering this Blog, please understand every Agent has their own style and every situation and property for sale is also unique.

1.1st I would expect you to make an appointment for your potential Agent/s to come view your home. Be sure the home is clean and in the condition that you think it should be in when you show the home to prospective Buyers. Why, because this will provide the Agent with the opportunity to make suggestions to you on what needs to be improved upon to make the property more presentable?

2.But my house is not ready to sell, I need some advice on what to do 1st! In that case, I would pick an Agent or two and have them drop by for a preliminary consultation on what they thinks needs to be done to prepare your home to sell.

3.The Agent should ask you to show them through the home and give them a rundown of what you think the properties benefits are, as well as its faults. Be sure to disclose any issue that may adversely affect the value of the property. Don’t try to be clever or hide something, it will just come up later during the inspection period, and could blow the deal, or make the Buyer more uncomfortable and, therefore, more difficult to deal with. Note– if the Agent has never been to your home and wants to sit down and get right to business, discuss comparable valuations, and listing paperwork; I would just thank them and ask them to leave. I wouldn’t waste any more time with them. This type of Agent is not likely to take you seriously or provide the service that you deserve.

4.Now it’s time to begin the serious part of the presentation. The Agent may want to go back to the office and run their CMA, Comparable Market Analysis, or they may already have a set of comparable properties with a wide range of low to high market pricing, and will try gauge where your property fits inside those parameters. What do I do? I am known to employ both of these methods depending on the property and the situation.

5.But the REALTOR® that came to my house said there aren’t any comparable properties? This can happen, to some extent, especially when there are no nearby sales in the previous 6 months, you may live in a remote area, or have “niche” property. What’s a Niche property? A Niche property for example, might be: a Horse Ranch with 50 acres in an area that doesn’t have or sell many Horse Ranches, or the one and only Dome Home on Pensacola Beach; there are a multitude of other properties that could fit this category? Most situations are not this complex, and at some point, there are comps somewhere! But the Agent may have to take more time and reach outside of the typical search parameters to find some properties that will give you a better idea of your valuations.

6.I had three Agents and they all had a different price, and one was much higher than the other two! Well it is possible the other two were wrong, and it’s also possible that the Agent with the real high price just wants to get the listing; so he came in at higher price than he thought you would hear from his competition! He/she, probably figures, once it doesn’t sell, and he hopes you will then drop the price until you get it into the Market Range.

7.So Now what do I do? Well, I can understand the confusion this causes, but there are several more parts to the puzzle of Finding a Listing Agent! At the end of this series there will be a summation of these parts that may answer this question.

8.Next week we will move on to Part 2 (b) of this series. I don’t like my blogs to ramble on and become too lengthy so when I have lengthy subject matter, I break it down into parts. In (b) we will also discuss commissions and why the Agent with the lowest rate is rarely the Agent that can net you the most money!

9.If you are in need of Choosing a Listing Agent Now, then please add me to your list, and contact me through the site. I will hop right on it and provide you the Professional attention you deserve immediately!

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